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NC.ART design studio has been operating since 1994 in Warsaw, Poland. We are a team of 15 highly skilled professionals designing a wide range of products from trams and buses to electric appliances. A large focus of ours is in lamps where we employ numerical methods and 3 dimensional design, combined with modern techniques and handcraftsmanship to produce a high quality finish. We pride ourselves in creating original designs from the simplest materials and insist on using local suppliers. Our latest projects incorporate energy efficient LED technology to stunning effect!

Our lamps are designed by Heikki Kiiski and Tomek Andrzej Rudkiewicz.

Tomek Rudkiewicz – Polish industrial designer, founder and partner at NC.ART. Lamp design has been his passion since the beginning of his career. Member of ORNAMO (Finnish Association of Designers) and SPFP (Polish Association of Industrial Designers).

Heikki Kiiski – Finnish industrial designer, a co-founder of the largest design agency in Scandinavia in the 90’s, E&D-design. Lighting is the main area of his interest and a counterpoint to the industrial constrains of design. Member of ORNAMO (Finnish Association of Designers).